Who I am doesn’t matter – I am you, I am anyone you know. I write because it helps – I write to understand what I have no idea about. I wish I had the answers, I wish i had a plan. I don’t. I have these random ramblings that hopefully will fall upon the right ears and eyes and help them somehow.

I do have to pay homage to RRSAHM.com.au for inspiring me – her story is both tragic and beautiful and inspiring. She inspired me that random ramblings are a good place to start.

I am a dad trying to understand the complicated world my kids will be growing up in, and trying to understand myself, my relationships, my likes and dislikes, so that I can not screw them up to much. I know they will love me regardless, but wouldn’t it be really great if i can give them a bit more insight into who i really am, rather than mean and bossy daddy they have to deal with daily